Screen Printing


At Redhot Branding & Marketing we have over 30 years’ experience with screen printing.

Artwork required format: Eps vector art / Adobe Illustrator

If you cannot provide these formats we may have to re-draw your artwork to our specifications so we can produce a quality print to the standard you expect. This decoration is achieved by pressing ink through a fine mesh, leaving a colour imprint on the fabric's surface. High visibility at a low cost!

While we cater for small quantities our minimum order is based on a quantity of 25 items. Where smaller quantities are required a surcharge will apply.

Screen printing set up costs:

An initial set up costs applies for all artworks, as this is a labour intense process. It allows us to produce your logo to the standard you expect. Browse our clothing uniform categories, select a style garment or bag and request a quote for your logo screen printed today.

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Some examples of products we have screen printed on are:

A cost-effective decoration process that simplifies the branding process.

Supacolour is a new way of branding a wide range of products and promotional items.

The color is produced digitally, meaning the images can have millions of colours without the need for expensive setups. Supacolour can produce photo quality art and high detail with none of the limitations of the other digital processes.

The transfer is produced using a hybrid of digital for the colours and traditional transfer printing. There is no cutting involved, and there is no product coloured fill needed to help with small lettering and complex images which is why they are superior to normal digital vinyl transfers. Supacolour simplifies the whole branding process. It's a fixed price, and a fixed setup. All you need to know is whether the product being branded is a cap, bag (does not include non-wovens) or umbrella.