The following links are our main brands we supply. These quality brands offer styles for uniforms, promotions, sporting, or great gifts for clients and staff.

Logo Line confectionery with your logo: Redhot Branding & Marketing   Promotional sweets Confectionery with your logo Redhot Branding & Marketing   Branded chocolates & confectionery with your logo Redhot Branding & Marketing

You can pro-actively market your business or organization's services ...

We will print or engrave your logo on these confectionery containers, drums or stainless steel bowls.

You can promote your organisation in your clients workplace and brighten up their day with a variety of confectionery. And you will always have a reason to re-visit your client to top up their lolly jar.

Confectionery for Corporate Christmas gifts, is a  great way to sweeten up your clients, or staff, and they will appreciate your thoughtfullness. Personalised confectionery is an effective way to strengthen your brand awareness in the market.

Business Card Lollies

How does this work ? See the picture, your business card slides over the top of the container as the lid. The lollies are wrapped inside in a sealed bag to pass health standards.

A great way to hand out your business card networking when meeting people for the first time. You'll leave a long lasting memory. With the Business Card lollies,when youhave a meeting with someone that won't be making a decision on the spot, give them your Business card with lollies, and say "Here have a chew on it".You are sure to raise a smile and have them leave on a good note.

Touch base with your clients if you have not seen them for a while, this is a great Ice breaker.

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Branded confectionary is always a gift that is appreciated with a smile. 
 We are pleased to offer gourmet quality Jelly Beans, Toffees, mints, musks, spearmint, lollipops, and chocolate presented in in a way you would like to receive it.... your design, wording or concept can be added to each unit to get your message out there in the market place. Our experienced team will be happy to advise you or talk through your corporate confectionery ideas.

Personalised confectionery can be cost effective marketing tool, as it is not what people usually expect. Favourite branded confectionery choices Jelly Beans, Toffees, mints, musks, spearmint, lollipops, and chocolate with your company logo printed or engraved on the containers or bowls.

Custom Packaging: You can talk to us about putting together a special package and have it gift wrapped

Branded food for thought

With promotional confectionery there's something to suit for every industry and budget, business event or special occasion.

From Macadamia nuts, lollipops,  through to toffees and mints, we can cater for a large variety of corporate confectionery.

If you need promotional confectionery, please take a look at the ideas displayed here on our site. Remember, if you don't see what you've got in mind, then let us know and we'll help your imagination become a reality.